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From custom fabrication to roofing and siding systems, check out our gallery of finished projects located throughout the Pacific NW.

Vibrant, 14th and Raleigh

  • Site Address: 1620 NW 14th Ave., Portland
  • Contractor: Bremik
  • Architect: LRS Architects
  • Material Type: Pioneer Panels, PS-12. Custom Color walls, roof, and soffit.

St. Francis Park

  • Site Address: 177 SE Stark St., Portland
  • Contractor: Walsh Construction
  • Architect: MDW
  • Material Type: 24 G. “Zactique” in a Box Rib Profile produced by PSM, P-125 PPS made by Pioneer Sheet Metal.

RedFox Commons

  • Site Address: 2034 NW 27th Ave., Portland
  • Contractor: R & H Construction
  • Architect: LEVER Architecture
  • Material Type: MS 200 90 22 Ga. A606, 22 Ga. A606 Box Ribbed formed wall panels and Pioneer P-125 panels.

PAE Living Building

  • Site Address: 151 SW 1st Ave., Portland
  • Contractor: Walsh
  • Architect: ZGF Architects
  • Material Type: 22 Ga. Pioneer P1 Break shapes, .0125” Aluminum custom painted plate.

Multnomah Co. Fire #76

  • Site Address: 30300 SE Dodge Park Blvd., Gresham, OR
  • Contractor: Bremik
  • Architect: Hennebery Eddy Architects
  • Material Type: Concealed Fastener, Standing Seam roof and wall panel.

Las Adelites

  • Site Address: 6735 NE Killingsworth St. #227, Portland
  • Contractor: LMC
  • Architect: Salazar Architect
  • Material Type: Pioneer 22 Ga. PS-12 profiles in 3 custom and 1 std. color, Pioneer .125” AL. Custom Perf. & Plant Sunshades, Screen Walls, and Canopy Hoods.

Grant Park Village Phase II

  • Site Address: 1580 NE 32nd Ave., Portland
  • Contractor: Walsh Construction
  • Architect: LRS Architects
  • Material Type: PS-12, (11 up-1 Down), and Pioneer custom break shape panels.

Fir Grove Jim Tangeman Center

  • Site Address: 3200 E. 18th St., Vancouver, WA
  • Contractor: Tapani
  • Architect: LSW Architects
  • Material Type: 16” Span Seam Roof in Old Town Grey, Pioneer P-125 wall panel (narrow butt joint) in 3 custom colors.

Discovery HS Camas, WA

  • Site Address: 5125 NW Nan Henriksen Way, Camas, WA
  • Contractor: Robinson
  • Architect: DLR Group
  • Material Type: ACM Panel, P-125 in White. 24 Ga. Boxed Rib panel w/exposed fasteners and 1/8” A606 “Weathering Steel” 4’ x 8’ sheet.

106th and Halsey St.

  • Site Address: 10520 NE Halsey St., Portland
  • Contractor: LMC
  • Architect: Hoist Architecture
  • Material Type: ACM Siding, P-125 w/spline